HP Z24I G2
  • HP Z24I G2
  • HP Z24I G2

HP Z24I G2

VAT included

HP Z24I G2
1920 x 1200


Looking for a monitor to increase your productivity?

  • The HP Z24I G2 monitor has a technology called IPS, which will help you have unparalleled image quality, obtaining very accurate colors and wide viewing angles, with hardly any color degradation. The 24-inch size is ideal for working with one or two monitors, having more than one monitor will increase productivity by allowing you to view multiple documents at the same time, reducing work time and giving better results.

Ergonomic design

  • This monitor is designed for productivity, the support of the Z24I G2 monitor will allow you to rotate the screen vertically, giving a use such as seeing more cells in Excel, having more field of vision on web pages, seeing more lines of code if you are a programmer, or if you are a gamer, see messages from the Discord or YouTube chat.

Elegance, comfort and connectivity

  • Expand your connectivity, connect easily with the ports included in this monitor, such as USB-A for your peripherals, HDMI to view the image and sound, among other connectors. It also has the DisplayPort connection, which will work with previous, current and future HP workstations. This monitor will serve you for work, school and more.
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